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Form follows function. At FORMA, form is function.

A function of your expertise, your vision and the influence of your brand. A function of the pride of your employees, their know-how and their passion at work.

Our goal in creating FORMA was simple, but ambitious: to transform the world of uniforms. Our vision is to develop an advanced uniform design and production service that meets the expectations of customers looking for style, comfort and quality. FORMA, an all-in-one uniform service, was born, combining a keen sense of style and an adaptable capacity for production, tailored to your requirements.


We have accumulated valuable knowledge and forged close ties with leading suppliers. This wealth of expertise is passed on to our customers, who benefit from a simplified design process and recognized added value in terms of production and distribution efficiency.


FORMA's goal is to design stylish uniforms that stand the test of time. Our work uniforms take shape in the hands of textile professionals using proven manufacturing techniques. We work with flexible and durable fabrics which are breathable yet able to resist the wear and tear of daily tasks and maintenance. From simple clasps to apron straps, every component is selected to look great and remain robust.


Enter the FORMA locker room! Our showroom is located in the heart of our offices. Visit us and take a tour of the FORMA range of stylish uniforms. Meet our team or schedule a consultation with our styling department to learn more about our unique and personalized clothing.


Collaboration is at the heart of the FORMA philosophy. This founding principle drives our enthusiastic team and is part of the long-term relationships we establish with our customers, our partners in everything we do. We'll walk you through the entire process, from choosing uniforms to learning the best uniform care tips. We want to ensure that you take full advantage of our know-how to find an advanced uniform solution that fits your brand and your performance goals.
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Ordering has never been so easy, as with the website designed to meet and exceed our production demands.

I have also been extremely pleased with the quality of their uniforms. Forma excels in the distribution of materials across all of Canada and the US, with ease and professionalism.

Forma is a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.
Vice President of Human Resources
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Quality is at the heart of all our decisions, right down to the choice of our partners.

We chose to work with Forma because we know they are the experts in their field, which allows us to offer the best uniforms to our employees.

Groupe Sportscene is happy to be allied with a Quebec company that has achieved the highest standards in the industry.
La Cage President