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Custom Uniform Program

FORMA's finely tuned approach allows our team to deliver optimal work uniform solutions to each one of our clients, no matter the industry or size of the company.

Every project starts with discovery: understanding your brand image and your needs, your customer and employee profiles, as well as the spaces in which your new uniforms will come alive.

Outfitted with in-depth knowledge, we design the concepts and personally show you the results. Once you've approved the idea, we'll produce sample uniforms to test and evaluate the product in its three-dimensional form. When all is set, it's time to hit the production button!

Production Capacity

FORMA leverages its agile network and business structure to deliver uniform orders of all quantities, without ever compromising on style or quality. Whether you’re ordering in small or large volumes, you’ll reap the benefits of our optimized processes and enjoy the personalized service that defines FORMA’s signature customer experience.

We’ve established business relationships spanning multiple decades with local and international suppliers and manufacturers. Overseas, in North America, or here in Canada, we work with superior partners that display a proven track record in terms of environmental and labor ethics compliance (FLA — Fair Labor Association).


The high standards we set for fabric selection and manufacturing processes extend to our shipping & delivery services. No matter the number of uniforms you order, FORMA’s team will ensure consistent quality.

For large scale orders, FORMA clients leverage our dedicated uniform management solution: save time and cost by ordering new uniforms delivered anywhere in the country, unburdened by stockpiling responsibilities!


Using our dedicated e-commerce platform, you and your employees can order uniforms whenever you need, specifying sizes and quantities. Available 24/7, our streamlined order system offers the added flexibility of billing either the employee or the company.
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The Uniform In All Its Glory

Seeking professional uniforms that suit your team flawlessly? You’re in good hands at FORMA. Our top priority happens to be our greatest source of satisfaction: to enhance your brand image and inspire your employees to perform at their best.

Quality, elegance, and comfort; we weave these attributes into every FORMA uniform. Our skilled team members share an unrelenting passion for design and quality, combining years of experience in production and personalized styling services. Our FORMA promise? We deliver and roll out uniform solutions that reflect your needs with unparalleled accuracy.

FORMA’s dressing room is home to a complete range of options you can choose from to put together your ultimate uniform solution, one that brilliantly combines the panache and durability you seek. Allow us to guide you or peruse options yourself, online or in our showroom.

Are you looking for a made-to-measure uniform solution? We’d be delighted to work with you in creating a signature uniform concept that epitomizes your brand DNA. Need custom-sized uniforms? Our vision of style is for everyone!
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Are you thinking about sprucing up your existing work uniforms? Or considering a full-on makeover for your personnel’s workwear? FORMA’s personalized styling service is here to help.

We’ve got years of uniform creation and production know-how under our belt. Our uniforms are about form as they are about function, offering a leading combination of inspired design and long-lasting quality that will suit your team and your brand perfectly.
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In The Name Of Your Brand

Work uniforms that combine style and quality drive brand recognition: they reflect your commitment to employee well-being and your promise for product & service excellence. We can help you leverage this brand asset!

Every garment and accessory available at FORMA can be customized to identify your personnel and increase your brand visibility. Our in-house graphic designers are at your disposal to provide logo insights and embroidery and screen printing services.

Are you looking to brand your uniform? Speak to a FORMA consultant to choose the best solution for your needs.


Our in-house embroidery professionals couple long-lasting quality with swift service delivery. FORMA’s master embroiderers work with top of the line equipment and high-end threads to replicate your signature to a T.

Embroidery is ideal for branding, no matter the placement on the garment. Long-lasting, it will also withstand repeated washing of the uniform.


FORMA works with the best screen printers on the market to provide you with a product of unparalleled quality, which is both hard-wearing and visually striking.

Screen printing is ideal for intricate and impactful artwork that covers a larger surface of garments or would otherwise be impossible to replicate using embroidery.
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