Isabelle Tremblay
Founder and President

After working for more than 20 years for the world leader in promotional clothing and being involved in various sectors of activity – product development, quality assurance and control, production process improvement, and development of new textile technologies – Isabelle Tremblay decided to found Forma. In 2011, she combined her passion for textiles with her passion for fashion and created a collection of uniforms intended for the restaurant industry. This marked the start of a wonderful adventure.

In 2012, Isabelle received an award as part of the Ovation entrepreneurial competition.



Pierre Normand
Vice-President of International Development

Combining experience in finance and sales in several spheres of activity, Pierre has made a major contribution to the lightning success Forma has experienced over the past two years. His determination, assurance and great experience, combined with a product of incomparable quality, have enabled Forma to confidently seek out renowned clients.



Louis McGuire
Operations Manager – Canada

With more than 40 years of experience in the textile industry in Quebec, Louis masters Canadian standards and the quality standards for the North American market. Over the years, he has worked for leading brands in the Quebec textile industry, managing these manufacturing organizations.



Camille Bériault Pagano
Sales Representative

Adventurous, Camille is a great traveler. With several years of experience in the restaurant business, she has the knowledge to suggest a comfortable uniform. Her determination and sensitivity combined with great listening earned her the esteem of her clientele.

Camille covers the Greater Montreal region as well as cities in the East of the province.


Amy-Rose Timmons
Sales Advisor

From the first sound of her voice, Amy-Rose exudes professional enthusiasm and a welcoming attitude. Amy-Rose is an essential player on the team and is not unfamiliar with Forma’s reputation for excellent service. She is a valuable asset within the company.
With a keen sense of organization, Amy-Rose is particularly appreciated for her excellent customer service and her ability to satisfy our clients.

Amy-Rose is a perfectionist. She promotes customer service, team spirit and manages to make her colleagues smile every morning.



Carole Brunet
Logistics and Shipping Supervisor

Carole puts her expertise and her love for textiles to good use for our clients. Before joining Forma, Carole acquired more than 35 years of experiences in the field in both product development and quality control. At Forma, she manages inventories and shipments expertly and oversees quality control.



Laura Cura

With a stylish and refined look, Laura embroiders with passion.

At Forma, she is responsible for applying the logos on all embroidered items. She executes her work with care, carefully handles and embroiders the logos of our clients with precision.

After 25 years of work, she is a key member of the team.



Annie Huard
Pattern maker

Precision… Thoroughness… Technique… Three words that describe Annie’s work for Forma. With masterly expertise in an art that she has practiced for over 25 years, Annie cuts and adjusts every pattern with remarkable facility. After working for major Quebec manufacturers, Annie now practices in her own studio.



Brigitte St-Pierre
Graphic designer and stylist

Brigitte has over twenty years of experience as a clothing designer, specializing in sportswear and technical clothing. She has also worked as a fashion illustrator for various magazines. Fashion is her passion. She brings a very contemporary touch to all her designs. In her spare time, Brigitte is an accomplished painter.